I am a designer | mechanical engineer | disrupter | leader | empathizer | synthesizer. 

I am currently the product design lead at MSA and I have been responsible for setting the design vision for multiple platform products and services related to personal safety. I currently serve as the project lead for a 10 person global cross-functional team of software developers, designers, and engineers. I have embraced Agile methods, in particular Scrum, to develop software applications and hardware products to enable smarter work forces. I work closely with project owners and scrum masters to develop the vision for the products we work on, set milestones and define clear objectives for the team to meet. I also serve as the lead product designer, industrial designer, user experience designer, and mechanical engineer on teams to help create the best user experience from a tangible and digital perspective.

I have had the privilege of using design thinking techniques develop new business models, service models, perform ethnographic user research, create stakeholder analyses, ideate through concepts/solutions, create innovative packaging for product launches, develop design systems/visual branding guides, and develop UX best practices for mobile and web.

I have been a key member teams that have successfully launched multiple platform-enabling personal gas detectors with wireless connectivity to cloud systems, a web-based accountability system for the oil & gas industry and a companion mobile app that is available through the Google Play Store.

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