My role

I was the lead product designer working with a team of software developers to create this web interface. I worked closely with the software developers and front end designers to determine the constraints, needs, critical tasks, and customer needs for this interface before beginning. Using Agile methods, particularly Scrum, we were able to design and implement this interface within 3 months.

The creative brief

This project entails creating an online scheduling system for internal research experiments. These experiments are critical to the development of new wireless technologies and this online system will allow for researchers to schedule and monitor experiments remotely from different media.  It was critical to engage all of the key stakeholders early in the process and perform multiple design reviews throughout in order to gain buy-in as we went through the development process.

Growing pains

As we were developing the Front End concepts, there were multiple points where the team needed to adjust our focus due to changing requirements. Since we were within the Agile framework, we were able to take these changes, place them in the backlog, determine the impact on the overall project, and provide recommendations to the stakeholders given the potential changes.  


After this project was completed, there have been multiple requests from other internal groups asking to create usable interfaces for their needs.  Agile methodologies are beginning to take root due to the success of projects like this.