ALTAIR Connect Mobile App Design

My role

As the lead product designer for this project, I was tasked with leading the scope, design, and launch for the first mobile app my company had developed for a physical product. This was also the first in-house app created using Agile methods vs. traditional waterfall.

The creative brief

The ALTAIR product line consists of portable/personal gas detectors that are used by industrial workers who may be exposed to hazardous gases in their work environments. These gas detectors have traditionally be stand-alone devices with localized alarm notifications so if an elevated gas exposure is detected, the detector will alert the user of this potentially dangerous situation.  As part of a new product launch for the ALTAIR 5X, a companion mobile app was designed to enable wireless connectivity between the instrument and the user.  In the current instrument, all of the interactions are completed using a 3 button interface with around 140 different settings to adjust.

As the lead UX and Product Designer on this project, I began by defining the critical tasks that the user would be performing.

User Interface design sketches



These sketches were developed as a preliminary study of the initial requirements and user need statements and determine the flow of the user experience through the app.  Using quick sketches, I was able to iterate quickly through different work flows while receiving feedback from key stakeholders throughout the process.

UX/UI Higher Fidelity Sketches

Login and Main Menu
Device Registration
Access Settings Menu


After moving through over 10 iterations of the app, the product owners and the team agreed to a workflow to begin developing. I designed higher fidelity workflows to guide the developers as they implemented the code for this app.  Using the Visual design language that I helped develop previously, the creation of this app interface was efficient and was completed within 2 weeks.

App Launch – October 2015


After 6 months of development and testing, the app was successfully launched on the Google Play Store and became the first gas detection mobile app of its kind. Since then, it has been widely adopted in the industrial gas detection industry as one of the most intuitive tools to use and has decreased customer service calls from the field because users now have more control over their gas detector and are able to figure out what they want to do more easily than before.