Mobile App Design Sprint

My role

As the lead product designer for this project, I was one of the facilitators in this process helping a 6 person team work through a design sprint to define a solution for a new process using a mobile app.

The creative brief

One of the new products that will be launched in the future will be equipped with a companion mobile app that will help customers setup their product in the field.  The mobile app will guide the customer through each step of the setup process to provide the best user experience. This design sprint was meant to help deeply understand the process including the technical feasibility aspects. The result of this sprint was to develop multiple prototypes that could be tested and validated before any software development resources were applied.



Of the details that can be shared, here are some of the sketches that resulted from the design sprints that helped the team create prototypes for testing purposes. All of this was compressed into three (3) afternoon sessions to create very fast, iterative concepts that allowed the team to validate assumptions very quickly.

design-sprint_wsndeploysolution design-sprint_registersolution design-sprint_gw


Here is an interactive prototype that was created in Sketch and Principle.