My role

I was the lead product designer working with a team of software developers to create this instrument interface. I worked closely with the software developers and front-end designers to determine the constraints, needs, critical tasks, and customer needs for this interface before beginning. Using Agile methods, particularly Scrum, we were able to design and implement this interface within 3 months.

The creative brief

This project included redesigning the interface of a multi-gas detector using the updated Visual Brand Language for Software Interfaces.  The challenge was to implement a refreshed user interface for a detector that needed to maintain all of the functionality as before but enhance usability. The display technology was the limiting factor in this design because it is a lower-end technology for power consumption reasons. This prevented the team from using high end graphics or animations but a clean interface was achieved by creating a simplified fidelity of graphics and other affordances. 


This was the first instrument that was launched with the implementation of the new Visual Brand Language in 10 years and has been met with much success in the market.  It has the cleanest and most usable interface as shown by the multiple awards the instrument has received. 


User Interface/User Experience

This was the first instrument that has incorporated the updated Visual Brand Language for Software Applications in the past 10 years.  It has quickly become evident through testimonies from customers that this interface allows them to do their jobs more effectively and confidently due to the simplicity and clarity of the interface.